dibutylbis(lauroyloxy)- (8CI)


Chinese name: FASCAT4202 catalyst

Alias: FASCAT4202 catalyst, dibutyl tin dilaurate, dibutyl tin dilaurate, dibutyl tin dodecanoate, dibutyl tin dilaurate, dibutyl tin dilaurate, dibutyl bis(1 -Odododecyloxy) tin, di-n-butyl tin dilaurate, dibutyl tin laurate, dibutyl tin di(dodecanoate), dibutyl tin, dibutyl tin dilaurate/T12, di-n-butyl dilaurate Tin acid

English name: FASCAT 4202, Dibutyltindilaurate (6CI); Stannane, dibutylbis(lauroyloxy)- (8CI); Stannane,dibutylbis[(1-oxododecyl)oxy]- (9CI); Tin, dibutylbis(lauroyloxy)- (7CI);Lauric acid, dibutylstannylene deriv. (8CI);ADK Stab BT 11;Advastab T 12P;BL42A;BT 11;BT 18;Butynorate;C 101;C 101 (stabilizer);CAT 11;CAT 11(catalyst);Cata-Chek 820 ;Cotin 200;DBTD;DBTDL;DBTL;DOD-D 82727;DXR 81;Dabco T 12;Dabco T 12N;Davainex;Desmorapid Z;Di-n-butyltin dilaurate;Dibutylbis(1-oxododecyloxy)stannane;Dibutylbis(laurato) tin;Dibutylbis(lauroyloxy)tin;Dibutylstannylene dilaurate;Dibutyltindidodecanoate;Dibutyltin n-dodecanoate;Fascat 4202;Fomrez SUL 4;Jeffcat T12;KS 20;Kosmos 19;Lankromark LT 173;Liocat 118;Mark 1038;Mark BT 11;Mark BT 18;Meister ZL 4401;Metacure T 12;Metatin 712;NSC 2607;Neostann U100;Nitto 8501;Octaflow BT 71;Ongrostab BLTM;SCAT 1;SD-L 101;SM 2014C;SUL 4;Stabilizer D 22;Stanclere DBTL; Stanclere TL; Stann BL; Stann SB 430A; Stavinor 1200SN; T 12; TL 10; TL 10 (catalyst); TL 1000; TL 1000 (catalyst); TN12 ;TN 12 (catalyst);TVS Tin Lau;TVS-TL 700;TVS-TL 800;Tegokat 218;ThermoliteT 12;Thorcat 401;Tin dibutyl dilaurate;TinStab BL 277;Tinostat;U 100;ZT102;

FASCAT 4202CAS 77-58-7	Dibutyltindilaurate (6CI)	dibutylbis  (lauroyloxy)- (8CI)	Stannane,dibutylbis[(1-oxododecyl)oxy]- (9CI)	Tin,   dibutylbis(lauroyloxy)- (7CI)

FASCAT 4202 CAS 77-58-7 Dibutyltindilaurate (6CI) dibutylbis
(lauroyloxy)- (8CI) Stannane,dibutylbis[(1-oxododecyl)oxy]- (9CI) Tin,
dibutylbis(lauroyloxy)- (7CI)

Physical and chemical properties:

CAS 77-58-7

EC 201-039-8

Molecular formula C32H64O4SN

Melting point: 22-24ºC

Water solubility: <0.1G/100MLAT20ºC

Flash point: 226ºC

Property description: Solubility: light yellow or colorless oily liquid, white crystals at low temperature, soluble in organic solvents such as benzene, toluene, ethanol, acetone, and insoluble in water. Specific gravity d (20℃)  1.04-1.06 Refractive index n (25℃) 1.460-1.470 Melting point  22-24 ℃ Quality standard: tin content Sn18.5±0.5 volatile matter    ≤0.5 chromaticity (Pt-Co) ≤200#



Used in organic synthesis, as a stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride resin


Storage and transportation:

It should be sealed and stored in a dry, cool and ventilated warehouse.



Packing: 25Kg cardboard drum.

BDMAEE:Bis (2-Dimethylaminoethyl) Ether

CAS NO:3033-62-3

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