disodium succinate

Disodium succinate structural formula

Disodium succinate structural formula

Structural formula

Business number 03YJ
Molecular formula C4H4Na2O4
Molecular weight 162.05

disodium succinate,

Succinic acid sodium salt,

Dsodium succinate,

Flavor enhancer

Numbering system

CAS number:150-90-3

MDL number:MFCD00002790

EINECS number:205-778-7

RTECS number:WM7751000

BRN number:3917246

PubChem number:24901603

Physical property data

1. Properties: The crystalline product is white crystalline particles; the anhydrous product is crystalline powder.

2. Solubility: Easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol.

Toxicological data

1. Acute toxicity: mouse intravenous LD50: 4500 mg/kg.

2. Subcutaneous injection of MID into frog: 1.8~2.0g/kg.

Ecological data

Other harmful effects: This substance may be harmful to the environment, and special attention should be paid to water bodies.

Molecular structure data


Compute chemical data

1. Reference value for hydrophobic parameter calculation (XlogP): None

2. Number of hydrogen bond donors: 0

3. Number of hydrogen bond acceptors: 4

4. Number of rotatable chemical bonds: 1

5. Number of tautomers: none

6. Topological molecule polar surface area 80.3

7. Number of heavy atoms: 10

8. Surface charge: 0

9. Complexity: 81.6

10. Number of isotope atoms: 0

11. Determine the number of atomic stereocenters: 0

12. Uncertain number of atomic stereocenters: 0

13. Determine the number of chemical bond stereocenters: 0

14. Number of uncertain chemical bond stereocenters: 0

15. Number of covalent bond units: 3

Properties and stability

Odorless, no sour taste. It has a special shellfish flavor. Stable in air. When the hexahydrate reaches 120°C, it loses crystal water and becomes anhydrous.

Storage method

should be sealed and stored.

Synthesis method

Neutralize succinic acid and sodium hydroxide, dry and pulverize at 120°C.


Disodium succinate has good solubility and strong permeability. It is mainly used as a flavoring agent. It not only has a seasoning effect, but also can alleviate the irritation of other seasonings and improve the seasoning effect. Our country stipulates that it can be used for seasonings, and the maximum usage amount is 200g/kg. Flavoring agent; sour agent; buffering agent. Mainly used for ham, sausages, aquatic products, seasoning liquids, etc. The general dosage is 0.01% ~ 0.05%. When used as a condiment, powdered anhydrous material is generally used to speed up dissolution.

BDMAEE:Bis (2-Dimethylaminoethyl) Ether

CAS NO:3033-62-3

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