Ferrous phthalocyanine

Structural formula of ferrous phthalocyanine

Structural formula of ferrous phthalocyanine

Structural formula

Business number 03NB
Molecular formula C32H16FeN8
Molecular weight 568.38

Phthalocyanine iron(II) salt,

aromatic compounds

Numbering system

CAS number:132-16-1

MDL number:MFCD00015953

EINECS number:205-047-2

RTECS number:None

BRN number:4121850

PubChem ID:None

Physical property data

None yet

Toxicological data

None yet

Ecological data

None yet

Molecular structure data

None yet

Compute chemical data

1. Reference value for hydrophobic parameter calculation (XlogP): None

2. Number of hydrogen bond donors: 0

3. Number of hydrogen bond acceptors: 8

4. Number of rotatable chemical bonds: 0

5. Number of tautomers: none

6. Topological molecule polar surface area 79.3

7. Number of heavy atoms: 41

8. Surface charge: 0

9. Complexity: 709

10. Number of isotope atoms: 0

11. Determine the number of atomic stereocenters: 0

12. Uncertain number of atomic stereocenters: 0

13. Determine the number of chemical bond stereocenters: 0

14. Number of uncertain chemical bond stereocenters: 0

15. Number of covalent bond units: 2

Properties and stability

None yet

Storage method

None yet

Synthesis method

None yet


None yet

BDMAEE:Bis (2-Dimethylaminoethyl) Ether

CAS NO:3033-62-3

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