Niax Catalyst A-1

Niax Catalyst A-1

With its ability to facilitate chemical reactions on its own or as part of an amine catalyst system, Niax catalyst A-1 is a potent urethane foam amine catalytic agent. It contains 70% bis (2-dimethylaminoethyl) ether, one of the most active catalysts currently used in the industry. Promoting the basic chemical reactions between polyol and isocyanate and water and isocyanate with efficiency, Niax catalyst A-1 can improve the polyether foaming process of high-density unfilled foam, filled foam, high load-bearing flexible foam, low-density foam and high-resilience molded foam.

Compared to the next most active amine, a blend of triethylenediamine, Niax catalyst A-1 can enable a 10% higher specific rate constant in the chemical reaction between polyol and isocyanate. Even more impressive, Niax catalyst A-1 can enable a specific rate constant that is 50% greater than triethylenediamine in the chemical reaction between water and isocyanate.

The powerful effect Niax catalyst A-1 has on the reaction between water and isocyanate helps promote a controlled acceleration of the chemical reaction between polyol and isocyanate through small variations in the stannous octoate level – an important feature in the production of commercial open-celled, split-free, flexible urethane foam.

An important feature of Niax catalyst A-1 is the ability to adjust the levels used over a broad range to effectively control foam rise time – without sacrificing stannous octoate operating range.

Potential applications for Niax catalyst A-1 include:

high-density unfilled foam
filled foam
high-load-bearing flexible foam
low-density foam
high resilience molded foam

Niax Catalyst A-1

Niax Catalyst A-1 MSDS


BDMAEE:Bis (2-Dimethylaminoethyl) Ether

CAS NO:3033-62-3

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